Placement Details 2012 - 2013
Number of Total placement offers:412 | Number of students with 2 offers:35 | Number of students with 3 offers:12 | Number of students with 4 offers and above:6

Welcome to Shri Sakthikailassh Women's College

Shri Sakthikailassh Women’s College is the premier & leading women institution in Periyar University, it is well located within the corporation limit, 3kms away from the heart of the Salem city. To attain perfect womanhood and exalting the prime place in the society, woman learning is envisage as an expected process, which educates her about herself and her privileges. With this superior idea the college functions with the aim of providing a safe, effective and affordable learning environment and equipping the students with the skills necessary to respond to the challenges and opportunities with ever-changing world.